Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience of freedom. Unfortunately, the very thing that makes motorcycle riding such a unique experience also exposes a rider to unique risks. Another driver’s carelessness can be that much more devastating if it causes an accident with a motorcycle rider.

At Maryn Law, we have a long history of representing motorcycle riders who have been injured in an accident. Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries that can lead to significant pain and suffering, expensive treatments and lost wages from time while the rider misses work to recover.

While many of the steps that need to be taken after a motorcycle accident are similar to those taken after a car accident, there are certain steps that are unique to motorcycle accidents. For example, a rider’s helmet and gear may need to be photographed and preserved and data from the motorcycle and the scene of the collision may need to be obtained.

When dealing with ICBC, it is important to remember that ICBC is probably also acting for the other driver who caused the accident. In that capacity, ICBC is probably working to limit the amount of compensation that you should receive.

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