Glynn came to Maryn Law after being in a motor vehicle collision in December 2013. At the time of the collision, he was a 19-year old BCIT student working towards a career in technology. He was also an excellent hockey player who was hoping to obtain a university scholarship through hockey. By all accounts, Glynn was a happy, healthy young man with a promising future ahead of him.

Then, on June 14, 2013, the collision happened. Glynn was driving his motorcycle on a straight road in Langley when another driver suddenly pulled out from a parking lot and cut Glynn off. Glynn swerved to avoid the collision but lost control of his bike and fell to the ground. Glynn hurt his back in the collision.

When Glynn first met with one of the lawyers at Maryn Law, Mike Holroyd, Glynn was having a lot of back pain. But Glynn was young and fit and, as many clients do, Glynn believed he would get better quickly. Mike encouraged Glynn to take his time and focus on his treatments rather than settling his case too quickly as these injuries can be more challenging to overcome than we think.

Unfortunately, Glynn did not get better. He got worse. His back pain persisted. He suffered from serious back pain day after day that led to a host of other issues. He couldn’t sleep properly. He couldn’t focus. He couldn’t work. He couldn’t play hockey. Glynn fell into severe depression.

Mike and the rest of the team at Maryn Law helped get Glynn in to see some of the best medical experts in B.C. We obtained expert reports that could be used at trial. We vigorously and passionately prepared Glynn’s case for trial so that ICBC knew at all times that we had every intention of proceeding to trial if a fair settlement couldn’t be reached.

The result was an excellent settlement shortly before trial, one that would give Glynn compensation for the future treatment costs that he would need to continue on the path to recovery.

As with all of our clients, we would prefer that Glynn never had to go through this. However, Glynn’s case is an excellent example of the values behind Maryn Law – patience, perseverance and passionate advocacy on behalf of our clients to ensure they are fully and fairly protected and compensated for their injuries and losses.