There are numerous situations in which drivers and pedestrians are required to share the road in B.C. Unfortunately, pedestrians are almost always at a disadvantage. Drivers are required to take care when driving in the vicinity of pedestrians, because even a low speed accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian can be very serious and even catastrophic.

At Maryn Law, we have a long history of representing pedestrians who have been injured in an accident. We have obtained millions of dollars in settlements and trial judgments for pedestrian clients who have suffered from various different injuries after an accident, including brain injuries, spine injuries, broken bones, chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

While many of the steps that need to be taken after a pedestrian accident are similar to those taken after a car accident, there are certain steps that are unique to pedestrian accidents. For example, a pedestrian’s clothing and personal items may need to be photographed and preserved, and data from the scene of the collision and the defendant driver’s vehicle may need to be obtained.

When dealing with ICBC, it is important to remember that ICBC is probably also acting for the other driver who caused the accident. In that capacity, ICBC is probably working to limit the amount of compensation that you should receive.

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