Many Law represented Ms. K after she was involved in three separate rear end collisions.

Ms. K was a remarkable woman. She had immigrated to Canada at a young age with limited English and minimal education or training. But she was a fighter. She had worked very hard to raise her three daughters as a single mother and to build a career for herself working in a prestigious medical research lab with the University of British Columbia where Ms. K played an important role in maintaining and sterilizing research equipment. By her mid-50s, Ms. K had successfully raised her three girls and was working and saving for retirement.

But when these three collisions left Ms. K with an injury to the balance system in her inner ear causing unpredictable dizziness and vertigo that prevented her from working, Ms. K needed someone to fight for her. Maryn Law was happy to take that fight on.

ICBC argued that Ms. K’s unique injury couldn’t have been caused by three modest-looking rear enders. Mike Holroyd and Todd Brown of Maryn Law disagreed and worked tirelessly to prepare the case for trial, hiring leading medical experts to explain Ms. K’s injury and interviewing Ms. K’s family, friends and co-workers to find the best witnesses to speak on her behalf at trial.

The case went to trial for nearly three weeks. Mike and Todd fought passionately on Ms. K’s behalf to show the jury the full impact that these three collisions had on Ms. K.

In the end, the jury agreed and awarded Ms. K $787,500 – nearly everything that Mike and Todd had asked the jury for and over five times more than ICBC’s best settlement offer.

While no amount of compensation can make up for what Ms. K went through as a result of these collisions, we were very happy with the result. It was an honour to represent Ms. K.

The case was picked up by the Tri-Cities News –